St. David is a property development and investment group which was founded in 1992. We have offices in London and Hong Kong and focus primarily on the UK residential sector. We have had extensive experience in all aspects of the UK property market, having been involved in the development and sale of multiple residential properties.

The opportunities and projects we offer include:

  • The acquisition of properties we source and/or develop
  • Participation in joint venture development projects
  • Provision of short term fixed interest finance

Our clients can invest individually or, where appropriate, through a St David private syndicate. Our syndicates are not open to the general public and are available to selected clients only.

We have recently established our Majestic range of character residential properties. These are totally refurbished, conveniently located buildings which have classic designs and quality workmanship and interiors. They appeal to both owner-occupiers and tenants and provide attractive rental yields.

We pride ourselves on establishing long term relationships with our clients and handle all aspects of the opportunities we offer. This includes the acquisition, management and eventual sale/exit. Transparency and full disclosure are of prime importance to us and we have a ‘no surprises’ policy for our clients. Our operation is driven by the concept of ‘delivering the promise’. For more than twenty years we have been building long term relationships based on this concept.