St. David is a property development and investment group which was founded in 1992 in Hong Kong. We are now headquartered in London and primarily develop residential properties in the United Kingdom, whilst also offering selected low risk opportunities in other appropriate markets and sectors.

We have had extensive experience in all aspects of the property market, having been involved in the development and sale of multiple residential properties. Our opportunities and projects, which can be accessed individually or where appropriate through a St David private syndicate, include;

  • the acquisition of properties we develop, whether whole developments or individual units and where the emphasis is on an attractive and secure rental income stream
  • participation in joint venture development and other short term property funding projects

Majestic by St David – Affordable living for singles and couples. Our Majestic projects offer investors a range of developments comprising studio and one bedroom apartments. These are totally refurbished buildings and appeal to tenants, both singles and couples, who are seeking quality apartments that offer affordability and convenience. Importantly, they offer our investors an attractive and secure income stream

acol by St David – Affordable co-living.  Our acol properties are totally refurbished individual houses/buildings that cater for the affordable co-living/HMO sector. This sector is experiencing solid growth as professional developers and landlords enter it. The properties are conveniently located and offer higher net rental yields.

For all our properties we provide a comprehensive service including all aspects of acquiring and owning them. This includes an in-house ongoing property management service and assistance with resale, which help ensure our clients enjoy a trouble-free and profitable investment.

Full disclosure and professional integrity are of prime importance to us and we have a ‘no surprises’ policy for our clients. Our operation is driven by the concept of ‘delivering the promise’. For more than twenty years we have been building long term relationships based on this concept.